Interactive Web Design

“Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer — that the designers are handed this box and told, ‘Make it look good!’ That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs
Interactive design is not just about your boss’s favorite color, animated gifs or the logo unit placement. While it is a very fine art, the digital medium has also chiselled it into a very intuitive science. Now it is not about how your design looks, but how it interacts with your customer. It is about the entire user experience and consumer eyeball trajectory. Just as in the 90s the big leap was from print to Web, the big jump now is from Web to interactive. Interactive design is more than just a website, a mobile app, games or just screens. It is the connect between the real and the virtual world. And that gives our design evangelists at NetEdge unique opportunities to explore ways to make your business connect with the intended audience. At Magnon we understand that in the digital world, the interaction starts way before the ‘interaction’ really starts.
Whether it is representing your brand true to its spirit on a website, creating that eye-popping mobile app interface or developing customised community pages on Facebook, NetEdge has got the expertise in-house. And as said earlier, it’s not about just the creative screen when it’s on the Web; it also requires creativity in technology application to enhance design outputs. At NetEdge, the designer artists and techies work in tandem to create winning brand experiences for your customers. Sure, it’s daunting, but then what to do...? We have a rep to protect.
Mobile Sites & Apps
According to a study, it is the first thing you see in the morning and last thing at night and remains close to you about 80% of the time. It is personal, singularizing and almost your shadow – got that? It’s your mobile phone silly. Your target audience not only relies on this medium to stay connected, informed and make decisions, it is almost a lifeline to their personal and professional worlds. The irony is that this medium usually gets missed out while chalking out the marketing strategy, or is perhaps just an after-thought. Imagine a prospective customer is on the move and wants a quick peek into your product or service. Chances say that he would use his mobile web to search for your website. A usual website on mobile phones is unappealing with poor navigation, unviewable images, jumbled up content and perhaps a bulky check for using the site. So if your site falls in a similar category, chances are your competitor will acquire that customer. Period.
The focus now is not on what the customer is looking for, instead it is when and where is she looking for it. NetEdge, one of India’s leading providers of mobile solutions, sites and apps, is focused on balancing the three goals – user goals, technology goals and business goals for creating a mobile experience for your customers. At NetEdge, we offer mobile web design services that help you connect with your target audience, instantly and effortlessly. We create simple yet sophisticated mobile applications for all major platforms - Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, MeeGo and more.
Get your business and brand mobile ready now!
Customized Applications
The biggest strength of the Internet lies in the technological underpinning it possesses. We at Magnon recognize the role played by technology and Internet enabled software in converting simple static websites to powerful applications oriented dynamic value centers. The use of database management techniques, structured back-ends and easy-to-use customer interfaces make the site an interactive, two-way communication and transaction channel between the organization and its target group.
We make use of latest Microsoft Technologies and Linux platforms to build practical and easy-to-implement applications for our clients' websites. These range from Knowledge Management kits, Discussion Boards and Data Libraries to Shopping Carts and Payment Gateways. The company specializes in offering customized solutions to clients which suit their business needs best.
We believe in the evolution of simple websites to interactive cost saving and revenue generating centers.
SEO & Search Marketing
There is a high possibility you found us through a search engine. And the fact you are on this page is good enough to assume that search engine optimization or SEO is on your radar. Search engine optimization connects a business with its customers. A majority of online consumers start their quest for a product or service through a search engine. Studies have also shown that users normally don’t click beyond the first three pages of search results; many don’t even go beyond the first page. Keeping that fact in mind, SEO can actually make (or break) an organization's prospects.
However, needless to say, each one of your competitor wants to optimize for those keywords/phrases that are so crucial for your company or brand. So you need a SEO partner who can help you outperform the others. Besides this, ensure that search engine spiders revisit the pages, understand how they are crawling the website, plug-in the right content management system, web crawler analysis, manual submissions and traffic and rank analytics. All this goes into achieving once simple goal – that when a prospective customer comes around looking, your product or service is prominently visible to her
NetEdge is one of the pioneers of SEO in India and perhaps the first Indian digital agency to introduce guaranteed search engine results to its clients many years ago. Today we manage SEO campaigns for some of the largest brands.
ECommerce Solutions
Did you know that the very first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer for $14.83? Well … there is a market for everything online. When Micheal Aldrich invented online shopping in 1979, he probably didn’t even trance that in just three decades, online shopping and eCommerce will be an enviable industry, changing the face of retail forever....all over the world.
India has an internet user base of over 100 million users and the market for eCommerce in India has been growing at rocket speed. And the story has just begun.
With enormous investments and celebrity endorsements for eCommerce portals, this space is gearing up for the rising base of online shoppers in India. But not all stories have money bags at the end. Several ventures fail to feel the pulse of the digital consumer. The truth that quite often gets ignored is that the principles of retail still apply on the Web. High-quality retail stores should draw you in, make you wish to return and to make more purchases. So should great eCommerce enabled websites, irrespective of whether the consumer is sitting in Delhi or Dallas. Simple and structured information, intuitive navigation that creates a superior experience right from the catalogue page to the payment page and a whole lot of shopping fun! It ain’t all technology, it ain’t all retail and it ain’t all simple. And this is where an eCommerce expert agency like NetEdge comes in.
Online Media Planning  
You would not forget those exasperating moments when the climax of your favorite movie is almost there and the ad-break ruins the moment for you. These ad-“interruptions” are the reason for surfing those channels on the idiot box endlessly. But lately, there has been a change from interruptions to interactions. It has been quite rapid, but it is here for sure. The online media has thrown the control in the hands of the consumer and her needs and wishes are supreme. The concept of ‘mass-media’ does not hold true in the online world.
When print advertisements went online, it took away some of the revenue with it. Today, Google ad revenue is bigger than that of the entire US newspaper industry. And if indicators are anything to go by, Indian advertising will soon be in the same league.
NetEdge our firm belief is to focus on the consumer and her needs, not on the product or the number of clicks. To us, fulfilling consumer needs remains the key to success. The new media consultants (read magicians!) at NetEdge\TBWA work with you to carry out extensive media research, chalk out a high-impact media strategy and an online media plan, launch the campaign and closely monitor the numbers and consumer behaviour. Our online media planning/buying team talks to its team of publishers, not just on best deals we can get you, but also about ideas that work! We like them that way…and our clients love them for that.
So the next time you see a super ad placed on a super page and that makes you click...remember there is probably NetEdge somewhere behind the curtains. We know you better than you think.