There’s no way around it, in today’s business environment, access to the latest technology is essential. The challenge for many organizations is finding the time to make it all work — and work together. For many organizations, this represents a significant cost.
That’s why IPKnowledge Solutions offers a full array of security solutions and services that alleviate the burden of worrying about IT and keep business Technology up and running. Our certified and comprehensive technology consulting expertise broadens your IT capabilities, delivering the flexibility to handle every aspect of your technology and information infrastructure.
IPKnowledge Solutions provides best-in-class solutions with specific competencies in network, security, virtualization, risk and compliance, cloud, and mobility
With every new IT development come new security challenges and concerns. Enterprises must secure against risks stemming from catastrophic occurrences, external threats, internal abuse, and accidental misuse. New vulnerabilities are created every day by workforce trends such as BYOD, social networking, and the explosion of web-based Cloud services. Whether they are sanctioned by IT or introduced by over-zealous employees, all of these devices and services must be secured and monitored. These issues are compounded by shrinking IT staffs and budgets, as well as more stringent regulatory compliance requirements.
Clients depend on the IPKnowledge Solutions team to deliver the next generation of security solutions — today. Not content with simply reacting to security breaches, IPKnowledge Solutions is focused on enabling clients with solutions to automate prevention and mitigation of Advanced Persistent Threats (ATPs) with immediate notification / escalation for human review.
IPKnowledge Solutions team members are experienced strategic advisors who take the time to understand each client’s business, challenges, and growing need for Technology that are ahead of the curve for:
Customer-Satisfaction Driven  
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Cost savings
  • Manageability
Today, most IT organizations identify network upgrades as a top priority to support mission-critical applications.Fueling this are a number of key drivers, ranging from virtualization and converged networks to site expansion and endpoint growth — all of which require a strong, robust network to succeed.
IPKnowledge Solutions experts bring together complete, best-of-breed solutions that fully integrate and optimize infrastructures — elevating client networks into competitive advantages.
Clients depend on the team’s market-specific expertise, resources, technology, and support for comprehensive solutions that address current and next-generation IT needs across the networked infrastructure.
While perhaps best known as a solution for server consolidation, virtualization today is being leveraged to address a much broader array of business drivers, from consolidating technology investments to reducing operating and capital expenses. It also provides the foundation for a seamless move to next-generation Technology like infrastructure optimization, hyper convergence, and Cloud computing for application load handling and disaster avoidance requirements, among other things.
Now with years of proven performance and availability enhancement, the deployment of various levels of virtualization continues to expand — particularly in data-heavy industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and government.
IPKnowledge Solutions’s team takes a highly-coordinated, strategic approach to help clients understand and capitalize on virtualization Technology (in all of the various steps). With an experience-honed approach, IPKnowledge Solutions brings together market-specific expertise with best-in-breed resources, Technology, and support for:
Solutions Focus with Network security Expertise  
  • Complete, cross-supplier solutions across the data center
  • Accelerated break-even and return on investment (ROI)
  • Reduced cost and risk
Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
Enterprises of all sizes need an integrated solution to address the ever-changing demands of regulatory requirements, protection of confidential data, operational efficiencies, revenue safe-guards, policy enforcement, financial exposure, market impact, cost controls, vendor governance, natural disasters, brand protection, geo-political landscape, and other critical factors that can have a significant impact on the bottom line. These organizations are demanding solutions that will systematically capture key elements, produce actionable business intelligence, administer mitigating controls, and provide a platform for continuous improvement.
IPKnowledge Solutions offers a full range of consulting services for Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management, starting with our product expertise and sourcing capabilities, followed by our adoption methodology, configuration principals, and integration strategies. IPKnowledge Solutions specializes in Risk and Compliance Management, successfully delivering world-class programs built on leading Technology from RSA Archer, Agiliance, Modulo, MetricStream and others. These right-sized solutions empower your organization with an integrated-platform, delivering actionable intelligence and incorporating workflow automation throughout the entire organization. The modular approach illustrated on the right focuses workflow changes on the most critical issues while providing an open framework for continuous improvement over time.
Cloud Solutions
IT has always been about using resources (compute, memory, network, and storage) to run applications and deliver them to end-users. It’s still the same in a Cloud-based model — the resources are just pooled together, giving IT the ability to offer services in a flexible, elastic, and scalable fashion.
In moving to a Cloud model, two things change. First, the speed and agility with which IT can provision new services for their user’s increases dramatically. Second, the ability to provide IT services in a subscription model, where end-users are only paying for the resources they’re actually using.
The path from traditional IT infrastructure to a Cloud-based one can appear difficult or even frightening at first glance. IPKnowledge Solutions’s’ experience and expertise provides cost-effective guidance and services for your organization. We can plan and implement gradual migrations from Private Cloud, to Hybrid Cloud, to Public Cloud or complete migrations to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using a provable Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) model.
Gartner estimates that 67% of all workers were mobile by of the end of 2012 — and this is only growing. This growth is due to the dramatically changing dynamics of the enterprise workplace. With people working away from their desks more and more, IPKnowledge Solutions ’s clients in every industry are demanding robust and trusted data center solutions that allow them to be more productive and profitable in this mobile environment while addressing new challenges in data center security,storage, and manageability.
IPKnowledge Solutions’s team takes a highly coordinated, strategic approach to help clients understand and capitalize on the extraordinary opportunities of today’s mobility solutions.
With an experience-honed approach, IPKnowledge Solutions designs and delivers hardware, software, and services that align with clients’ comprehensive business needs to secure and manage mission-critical applications across the data center and enterprise. This innovative solutions framework is completed with the integration of leading-edge virtualization mobility, workforce collaboration, and unified communication technology — resulting in true, end-to-end mobility solutions that:
Trusted Partner  
  • Accelerate business decisions
  • Increase measurable productivity
  • Improve profitability
  • Achieve quantifiable return on investment (ROI)